Light of the Sun

My ears perk up every time I hear the refreshing melodies of Jill Scott’s fourth studio album “Light of the Sun.” The fact that each track admits “I’m aggressive, weak, bold and phenomenal, all at the same time” makes it clear to me that Miss Scott is at peace with her entire self. Scott’s radiance is simply irrepressible. In an interview with Ebony Magazine Scott commented,”I think it’s silly to be stingy with compliments. If you see someone and they strike you as beautiful in anyway, why not let them know?”  So, I must give credit where it is due. Miss Scott has always struck me as beautiful. But, with the current release of her self-revealing, emotion-filled album, she is looking more beautiful than ever these days. Not to mention her obvious 50-pound weight-loss and sassy hair chop, Jill Scott’s exuding happiness has managed to capture my attention and spark my admiration.

I found this amazing article from the New York Times, in which Jill Scott gives a rundown of her top trend choices. I’ve also included a few photos of Jill-inspired fashion items. Enjoy!

Scott in a top by Scoop, American Apparel Leggings and shoes by Guess. Photo from New York Times Fashion blog


I was in New York for a BET TV performance. The audience was so much fun: sweet and ready to party. We were cracking jokes the whole time.

It really helps the case to have a rapport with the audience. I typically have a lot of nerves and jitters. I had on a Nicole Miller raspberry and black minidress. It has this graphic print that looked ’80s but with a twist. When I look back on that decade, I feel like it really suits me. It was some of the best years of my life.

And I wore these black heels that wrap around the ankle. I love shoes that wrap around the ankle. They’re that half-classy, half-slutty look. I also had on fishnet stockings, not a full-on version like you’re walking the street but a small fishnet, and I wore an extra layer of sheer stockings underneath.

After, I headed to the hotel and changed into my favorite leggings. I got them from American Apparel, if I remember correctly. They’re gunmetal with purple splotches that almost glow in the dark. I wore this flowy charcoal silk and lace V-neck handkerchief creation on top and kept the same shoes on. I felt a little rocker girl.


BCBG High Waist Pencil Skirt

We went to see Sanaa Lathan in “Meet Vera Stark.” I had a date. My date and I were discussing beforehand what we were going to wear. I felt either rocker chic or a librarian. He said let’s do librarian. I’m crazy about these BCBG pencil skirts. They’re such a staple in my life. I have them in several colors. I ended up wearing one in a nutmeg color and I had on a sand-colored tank top with black zebra stripes. The top was fitted, you know, for support and shape. And I had on a little tan cardigan, these great BCBG gold wedges and gold jewelry. The play was amazing. Sanaa looked so stunning. It brought me back to my Broadway musical theater days.


After two weeks of travel, it was nice to have a few days that were all mine. I actually spent most of the day enjoying the hotel spa. It was fantastic. The tubs were deep and the rooms were sexy. Afterward, I lounged around in my Badgley Mischka caftan. I have a few caftans just for lounging purposes. When I want to feel free, it’s the closest thing to feeling naked without being naked. It’s made of this light ivory, gray and pale blue silk. I’m a fabric girl. It has to feel nice on the skin, so anything that is silk, a soft cotton or silk-cashmere.

Kinetic Platform heels by Guess


I met some friends for lunch and I also got a little shopping in. I went to Lord & Taylor, where they were having a sale. I had on a Rachel Pally print maxidress — I wanted to be in something that was easy to get in and out of in case I tried something on — a pair of L.A.M.B. brown platforms, these really large door-knocker earrings and my signature vintage Cazals. I love, love Cazals. I have two pairs. One pair I stole off my friend’s face. When I was younger I couldn’t afford them, and now when I put them on I feel fancy, like a rich lady.

Caftan Dress by Rachel Pally


Sunday was here before I knew it. Time to hit the road again and get my travel ensemble together. I like to be comfortable, but there also has to be an element of glamour in my look. So I wore an All Saints oversized cream crochet sweater — I’ve been feeling the neutrals lately — a pair of blue DKNY skinny jeans and Jimmy Choo high-top bejeweled sneakers. They’re silver and gold and surprisingly not over the top. I saw them in the Jimmy Choo store on Rodeo Drive and I just loved them. I didn’t even know they made sneakers. They’re like my Michael Jackson shoes.


Back to work: I had radio promos and then a meet-and-greet. I was feeling a little retro glam so I rocked this vintage wrap dress with a Pucci-esque print and a pair of Miu Miu denim wedges. I went for big accessories. LL Cool J’s wife does jewelry and she gave me this great pair of gold earrings in this oblong shape.


I was down in Baltimore to stop in on this radio station. I wore another BCBG pencil skirt, this one in beige, and this cream silk blouse with short sleeves. I also had on gold wedges and a tan fedora. I’ve really been enjoying fedoras lately, mostly because I don’t want to do my hair all the time.


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